Leveraging Secondary Brand Knowledge – Creating New Brand Associations

This is very useful when the primary or above discussed associations have some deficiency. Secondary brand knowledge can be leveraged through strong, unique and positive response that may otherwise be not present.

  • Company (Relating existing brands with corporate image)

For example, when Headline Today wanted to bring its Initial Public Offer, it used its sub-brand Aaj Tak in the advertisement and let the general public know that behind Aaj Tak is Headline Today Corporation.

  • Country of origin or other Geographic areas

Many countries have become known for expertise in certain product categories or for conveying the particular type of image. Thus consumer from anywhere may prefer Watch from Switzerland, beer from England, Vodka from Russia, Software and Tea from India. The famous examples, are Levi’s Jeans from United States, BMW from Germany and Nike athletic shoes from United States.

  • Co-branding

Co-branding is also known as brand alliance or brand bundling. It occurs when two or more existing brands are combined into a joint product are marketed into a same fashion.

It can generate greater sales from the target market as well as open additional opportunities with new consumers and channels. It can reduce the cost of production introduction of two well-known images in the market and also compliment the expertise of each other in Indian context; the best examples are Maruti-Suzuki, ICICI-Prudential Insurance Company.

  • Licensing/ franchisee

When expanding alone is difficult company may provide license to move fast in the market. Sometime, to avoid immediate risk of enter into the market, even to check market feasibility and to avoid the risk of being treated as an outsider; companies may prefer to enter through licensing, franchisee to make it sure the safe and fixed return while getting an opportunity to sell under its own brand name. for example, McDonald’ is the best example of providing franchise worldwide, while marketing it sure that interior is same and quality of food is maintained.

  • Celebrity Endorsement

Well-known and admired people to promote product is a widespread phenomenon which bring immediate attention to the brand and shapes the perception of the brand by virtue of the inferences.

For example, recently Aishwarya Rai is endorsing Taj Mahal tea by appealing to public to vote for Taj Mahal in seven new wonders of the world by voting through sms, phone or even by logging on http://new7wonders.com

  • Sporting, Cultural or Other Event

It is very important to choose the appropriate event, design the optimal sponsorship program and measure the effects of sponsorship on brand equity. This sponsored event can contribute to brand equity by becoming associated to the brand and improving brand awareness, adding new associations and improving the brand strength of the existing associations.

For example, Recently Sarara group and Indian Cricket are like compliment to each other. Program like Antakshari on Zee TV was so popular as Close-up Antakshari that it is difficult to recall as Sansui Antakshari.

  • Third-Party Sources

Awards won and reviews accolades the performance not just of the company but even confirms the trust of consumers. The third-party sources can be seen as a mark of quality and are perceived as credible. For example, various toothpaste brands are linked in India with Indian Dental Association, British Dental Association, etc.


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